excellence in b2b communication
We are  curious
     A bit like a little child:
I am eager to know something and try it out.
We are  down-to-earth
We don't say yes and amen to everything,
        but when it comes to the tools of the trade we make no compromises.
We are  reliable
                 We are creative with body and soul,
dependable and responsible.
We are  open
We are not close-minded:
         We like to keep our world of ideas open for new input.
We are   passionate ...
We are not afraid of the future
                      because with us passion and discipline go hand in hand.
Creative thinking

Brand communication – with heart, soul and gusto.

We are an owner-managed full-service advertising agency based in Lörrach at the triangle where Switzerland, France and Germany meet. Since its foundation in 1992 our company has developed continually. Today we are a successful b2b brand agency with a longstanding clientele. In addition to this we have an excellent reputation on both regional and global levels. Our basic motto is still valid: We are always attracted by the appeal of innovation, and transparency, adherence to deadlines and price reliability are the foundation for our actions.

Neuroscientific studies confirm that today positioning takes place in an interplay of tension between rationality and emotionality. For us this presents both a challenge and an opportunity to create brand communication using cognitive as well as emotional components.

We would like to invite readers of our offer to get to know us. It’s easy: an e-mail or a telephone call is enough.

Brand thinking


Streamlined brand management – specialists who complement each other

As there are differences between the world of consumer goods and industrial goods, we have developed our own branding model. It is specially geared to cater for the needs of medium-sized industrial enterprises.


The modular design of our system means it can be used in part or as a whole. In the past we have accompanied several companies in the branding process. Over the years we have learned lots of other lessons. We have integrated this know-how in our brand model GlobalBrandCycle®.


Successful cross-media strategies

How a smart combination of print and online media has a positive influence on market launches.

The initial situation was challenging: "Quick communication, closely tailored to the offer, but unfortunately in a very short time-slot and with quite a tight budget". This was the starting position for the product launch of Endress+Hauser's Proline Promag 10D. With the new electromagnetic flowmeter …
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Common core

How to establish a new industrial standard with an ingredient branding strategy.

About the end of a search. About finding and closing gaps. And about answers. This is the success story of a search, which is still in its infancy. This story is about a consortium of three firms …
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Trade fairs as part of the communication strategy

How can you communicate intelligent technology at a trade fair stand?

In the b2b sector, trade fairs still play an important part in the communication mix. The AUMA Trade Fair Trend 2014* survey confirms that real dialogue between people is still of great importance even in times of online and social media.
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New target group – New brand

With the market leader's know-how

HAEUSLER is the global leader in the area of metal forming technology. Since the company was founded 70 years ago it has set new standards again and again. HAEUSLER technology plays a key role in the construction of ships, aircraft, rockets, wind turbines, LPG tanks etc.
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Services at a glance


Brand image

Printed matter

Trade fairs and exhibitions


Public Relations


Specialist articles

This is the way

The SatNav for the brand.

"A brand has to be cultivated and cosseted. Every day. Every month. Every year." …
Interview with Markus Schmitz
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Quick answer

A code connects communication media.

Quick, easy and efficient. Direct connection of online and print media via QR Code is attracting more and more users. The advantage of this method is …
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